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At Udya Shipping, we understand that the backbone of any successful maritime operation is a skilled and efficient crew. With our comprehensive crew management services, we aim to provide our clients with the highest quality crew members who are not only highly trained but also share our commitment to excellence and safety.

UDYA SHIPPING is an international provider of specialised, diversified recruitment services with focus on the Maritime and Offshore / Oil & Gas industries. Concentrating on the core business and deploying knowledge and manpower at the right moment are long time values in these sectors. UDYA SHIPPING has been the employment agency helping these industries meet these standards since as early as 2001. UDYA can help in the situation of critical capacity problems and also as full-service agency that can solve all personnel related issues on a structural and long-term basis.

We perform all crew-related functions including Sourcing, Recruitment and Selection, Labour/Union Relations, Long-term Strategic Planning and Pool Arrangements, Training, Education and Safety-Induction Courses, P & I claim relating to officers and ratings, mustering, travel arrangements, provision, allotments, budgeting and accounts.

We comply with all mandatory national and international rules and regulations and applicable industry standards, guidelines or codes, concerning Crew Management. We are catering to a Ocean going fleet of all types of vessels such as Tankers, Bulk Carrier, Container & Offshore fleet of DP Class Vessels, AHTSV, OSVs, Tug / Crew / Supply / Utility Boats, Offshore Construction Barges, Accommodation, Pipe laying & Derrick Lay Barges. We have a database of international personnel of varying skill levels and of various nationalities through our network of owned offices and recruitment agents. Using a careful selection process of highly qualified crew from AB to Master, we ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Full Crew Management

(Lumpsum or Cost Plus Fees)

For those who select our full crew management, we provide a diverse nationality portfolio based on your requirements. We offer full crew management on a cost plus fee basis or for a fixed yearly lump sum. The lump sum is an all-in fee which includes all our services plus all wages, travel expenses and any other expenses related to crew changes.

The lump sum is fixed for the budget year and is paid in twelve monthly installments. The contracts are typically based on the standard BIMCO Crewman A or B.


Contract Crewing

UDYA is also providing contract crewing services of all ranks to Ship Owners/Managers as when required basis. We can supply a single to full ship's crew on a short notice.

All the services of Crew Management is included in this but there is a flexibility to clients to take part of the crew from other agency also.


Offshore Construction Crew

UDYA recruits and employs groups of international offshore project crew for positions such as riggers, welders (pipeline, structural, 6GR), fitters as well as senior construction positions and catering crews. We recruit from India, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. UDYA handles all crew related issues to allow our clients to focus on their core business. Services we provide include: recruitment and selection, assessments, pre-voyage training and development, contracts, document handling, travel arrangements and housing payroll and insurances.


Oil & Gas Personnel

(Lumpsum or Cost Plus Fees)

UDYA supplies technical personnel for various types of production platforms, (drilling) rigs and barges for clients active in the Oil & Gas and Offshore construction industries.

A careful selection process of highly qualified personnel for positions such as process operators, mechanics, E/I technicians, electricians, welders etc. assures the satisfaction of our clients and the trustworthiness of our employees. UDYA handles all HR related issues to allow our clients to focus on their core business. Services we provide include: recruitment and selection, assessments, contracts.travel ,payroll and insurance training and development.


Offshore Catering Staff

UDYA SHIPPING offers offshore hotel & catering services for platforms and barges in the maritime and offshore industries. We have vast experience on platforms and barges on the Mumbai High and across Middle East & South East Asia.

Our catering services include: catering & hotel staff, supply of food, beverages and bonded stores, galley equipment & design, cleaning of accommodation, catering & safety training certification & audits, health platform.


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