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Empowering Excellence: Your Maritime Training Partner

At Udya Shipping, we recognize that the maritime industry demands a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce. That's why we offer comprehensive maritime training programs designed to empower excellence and enhance the capabilities of maritime professionals. As your trusted training partner, we provide the tools and knowledge you need to navigate the seas of success.

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Today, shipping is a modern, highly technical, professional discipline that requires a great deal of skill, knowledge and expertise from the maritime workforce. A safe, secure and clean shipping industry can only be built on effective standards of education and training.

The importance of training and education for the maritime personnel of today and tomorrow is greater than ever before.

With the thorough understanding of the above We have established our maritime training center (MTC) which is independently taken care of by CMET-HSNA for internal & external candidates.

All our courses approved by Directorate General of Shipping, Panama Maritime Authority & Maritime Coast Guard Agency, UK.

Seafarer's Training Solutions:
  • Basic & Advance Safety Courses.
  • Various Competency Courses.
  • Arious Proficiency Courses.
  • Entry Level Courses.
  • Offshore Training Courses.
  • Marlins Courses.
  • Human Element Leadership.
  • Management Courses.
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